0161 703 7727 jill@venta.co.uk

We are a major UK manufacturer of custom made teamwear and we are looking for a forward thinking Hockey team who can help us to develop our Rad Sheep Field Hockey Kits, we want you to work with us and share your ideas to help create new styles and fabrics for both men and women.

Is your current kit too plain? Perhaps the arms are too long? Or maybe it all needs a revamp… This is an excellent opportunity for you to get involved and have an input in the future of your kit. All we ask for is an evaluation on your current kit and how you would like it to be improved, we will then create sample shirts and send these out for you to try  free of charge. If you then give us  feedback we will make modifications and produce a gold seal sample in your club design for you to keep. As an additional thank you we will give you 50% off your initial  team order (maximum of 12 shirts).

If you are interested in being the next Rad Sheep kit tester then please email your team details and name of current kit supplier to: garry@radsheep.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.