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Havering Council plan to sell Romford ice rink to a retail firm, and use the money they get from the sale to build a new leisure Centre which will have a new ice rink as part of it, but this will not open until 2014. so there is a link to an e-petition on the home page of the Romford Raiders website which go’s to petition asking Havering council to set up a temporary rink for the raiders, and everyone else who use’s rvw to use. in the period between the closing of rvw and the opening of the new leisure Centre. So we have been asked to spread the word and ask for as many of you as possible to sign the petition to help keep Romford Raiders and all of the junior hockey teams that currently play at rvw on the ice thank you. ps the petition closes on 12-02-2012,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Here is the link for the petition.