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There seems to be lots of UK sportswear companies claiming to offer customised kits. But when you look behind the headlines what the majority are offering is basic off the shelf kit from overseas manufacturers – which they buy in and decorate with heat applied vinyl logos and embroideries.

But there are a few true UK manufacturers like RAD SHEEP that start with the core white fabric and then dye sub print the unique design for each team kit onto the performance polyester panels. Once printed the panels are then sewn together, checked and sent out to the individual teams. A typical order for 20 football/cricket/lacrosse shirts and shorts will be delivered direct to the team within 4 weeks of them approving the design visual.

So, if you are thinking who to place your next order with – ask the companies where the kit is actually manufactured and how long will the process take.

Please support the true British manufacturers and help the UK economy recover